How to Become Wealthy In 40 Days

The power to change your life is in how you think. “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” ~ Proverbs 23:7.


Contrary to the title, there is a good possibility that your bank account will not show a huge balance in the next 40 days. You will see a manifestation of what God says already belongs to you if you change your thinking.

Believe what God says about you! Victory over your thinking will produce peace, success, health, and long life.

Wealth is not just how much money you have in the bank; peace, success, health, and long life are also components of wealth. Changing or developing a habit is not guaranteed to happen in 40 days; it is not as simple as it sounds. Establishing a consistent pattern over time develops habits. Many habits can be changed in a matter of weeks, however many take more time and effort. Changing how you think will be a continuous process, because there is an enemy out to steal your success.

In Proverbs 23:7, “The heart” is not the muscle in your chest pumping blood through your veins. The bible is referring to your mind. “The heart” is essential to life. Your actual heart is the lifeline for your body, while the mind is the lifeline for your soul. The mind governors how you think, your emotions, and imagination. Your mind operates in two dimensions, the natural realm and spiritual realm. In the natural realm, your intellectual ability is how you receive, process, and distribute information based on your five senses. Your natural mind has only a small part to play in your success. In the spiritual realm, you receive, process, and distribute information is based on the principles of God. Your success is ultimately determined by your thoughts in the spiritual realm. Focus your thoughts on the principles of God, then your natural abilities cannot limit your success. In Proverbs 23, God revealed the power of your thinking. He says to manage your thoughts, because there is an opposing force trying to steal your peace, success, health, and long life. The devil controls your thoughts when you allow your thought life to remain undeveloped. The devil will cause you to worry and feel defeated. Worry and faith cannot occupy the same space, nor defeat and victory. Worrying causes despair; the problem will become larger than life. Seek God to know Him intimately, and meditate on His word. You are empowered with health, peace, and wisdom, because God has an unending, unconditional love; God is grace! Focus on God then prosperity will chase you down. “Remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you the ability to produce wealth” ~ Deuteronomy 8:17.

Everything begins with God. God’s wisdom is infinite. His ways higher than your ways. God is the creator of all things, therefore you cannot depend on your level of thinking to get to the level of success that God intends for you. You are submitting your “heart” to God when you renew your mind. God will then cause your thoughts to agree with His will ~ Proverbs 16:3. God will elevate you regardless of your intellectual abilities.

God said that before you were formed in your mother’s womb He FORMED, He KNEW , He APPROVED, He SEPARATED, He SET, He APPOINTED, and He WILL SEND you. Most importantly—God said—“I am with you” ~ Jeremiah 1:4-9!

If you just believe that God is with you, you can do the impossible and conquer the insurmountable. Your faith is reflected in your actions. Faith gives God the opportunity to show His power in your life. Your success is not based on your abilities, but the power God gave you.

The principles of victorious thinking applies to every area of your life. Imagine if you changed your thinking about your marriage, job, or children. You would have a better attitude, be more productive, and get a better response. Imagine what you can do if you actually believe God gave you the power to get wealth. When your faith is reflected in your actions the wealth producing idea lying dormant in your mind will come to life. See your life change in the next 40 days; begin improving your thought life today.

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