God-Made Millionaire

Are you a young adult trying to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who is learning that success is not an easy road? Have you been in the game of life for a while and want to erase some of the mistakes you made? Well, “God- Self Made Millionaire” is for you!

There are so many options in life, it can become confusing. Even when you find the right path, the journey can be full of challenges. Mistakes will be made and often times they have a negative financial affect. Many financial mistakes feel like permanent detours from the great things that God has for you; they are not. Make no mistake about it, God will bring you through your destiny journey. Trust in is His direction and wisdom for your finances and watch God redeem the time on your behalf. “God- Self Made-Millionaire” has foundation principles and wisdom based on the Word of God that allows you to take hold of your finances, of your purpose, and destiny. God has a purpose and plan for you.



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