Have you ever heard a quiet voice on the inside telling you there is greatness in you?

The voice is destiny gently knocking on the door wanting to get out.

God has called you to be great, excellent, and magnificent. The power that is in you—through Jesus Christ—should shine bright in your life. The destiny that God has assigned to your life will bring you to your greatness. God calls you to share His love with others. Some through teaching the Word of God, some through song, some through the business world, some through writing books and plays; and the list goes on. God has given someone the gifts and talents to fulfill every need here on earth.

When you are operating in your purpose
you will have moments in time—destiny—where
God’s favor works for you.


God will open doors and move mountains for your destiny to be fulfilled. God will eliminate opposition and cause your enemies to bless you.

Destiny is predetermined events that God has ordained for you. You are God’s chosen vessel; however your destiny is not for you. Your destiny moments are events, wonders, and miracles God uses to show His power on the earth. God gives you power to get wealth for the financing of the Kingdom of God. You are the instrument that God uses to encourage and build up the body of Christ.

One thought on “dESTINY

  1. Melody Hair says:

    this was perfect i need to hear this

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