The Jesus Effect

The effects of time are far beyond our natural abilities to understand. Jesus is present in all places, at all times. He transcends time; He is present in our past, present, and future. The spectrum of time is illusive to humans. We can never imagine the vastness and depth of eternity. In our youth time seems endless and we believe there is plenty of time to get things right. As we become wiser, time becomes valuable. We realize there is no time to lose and may put too much pressure on yourselves to catch up or win. As we grow older time is fleeting fast. In this season of life we usually realize there are so many things beyond our control. We have a greater level of peace as we realize the truth. The natural perspective of time is small compared to the God we serve, regardless of our stage in life or the level of wisdom we have developed. God’s vision is so great He knew our hurts, pains, joy, and victories before the beginning of time. He knew we would need a Savior and a Lord. The spiritual implication of the Jesus effect guarantees exceeding joy and victory. Jesus came to give us shalom—the perfect place of peace—in our past, present, and future hurt, pain, joy, and victory. The peace of God is able to fill every area of our lives.

When we realize the Jesus effect, the peace and wisdom of God dominates our lives. Wisdom is progressive, as we become wiser and learn from our mistakes. God’s plan included our mistakes and detours before we even made them; He uses them for His Glory. We can have shalom even when we make mistakes, and when we are hurting and in pain because they work towards our joy and victory. Those experiences become valuable when we learn the lesson from them. They take us to new levels of success and new dimensions of victory. We build our faith and become closer to God through our experiences.

Find the balance of time by living in the wisdom and peace God intends. Value time and use it to complete God’s assignment of purpose and destiny in your life. God is in control; His plan is to prosper you and make you an example of the His power on the