You have an important choice at the beginning of your day. You can choose success and or you can choose to give up on your dreams. But you have to make a choice! If you don’t make a conscious and deliberate choice then the choice is made for you. It’s the unconscious decisions that lead to actions or lack of actions that derail your success, your goals, and your dreams.

Make the choice to have a great day no matter what obstacles you face. It’s a great day not because everything is going right, but it’s a great day because you have deliberately made a choice that today would be a great day. So when the obstacles come your way, you look past them to focus on the goal.

The only way we can achieve success is we focus on the things that bring positive synergy in our lives. The way to focus on the positive is to focus on at least one thing a day that is positive in your life. A spirit of gratitude gravitates you to toward greater things. What you focus on will expand.

Have you ever driven down the road and something catches your eyes on the side of road? Does your car begin to move toward the direction you are looking?

There may be a thousand and one negative things going on around you. If you focus on them, negative energy will intensify. These negative feelings will not prosper and they will slow down your progress. Your journey to success will be overcome by obstacles and detours that seem insurmountable. If these feeling continue giving up on your dreams and goals is the worst possible outcome.

So make the choice that today will be a great day and great things will happen.


Let Go!


For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. ~ Jeremiah 29:11



In Jeremiah, God reassures His children that they have a future with victory, peace, and success. In this period in history, God’s children trusted in false prophets because they said what the people wanted to hear. The false prophets’ instructions did not require any faith, trust, or obedience to God. The people’s disobedience led them into captivity. Even in captivity God gave His children instructions to sustain them. Jeremiah prophesied to the captives saying, “God will return you to your land, you will seek after Him with all of your heart, and He will be found.” God is reassuring those who trust Him and even those who have not obeyed Him in the past. He wants you to be victorious against Satan.  God brings comfort, reassurance, and security in difficult times because, Satan’s ultimate goal is to make you stop trusting in the promises of God and send you into captivity. His plan is subtle. Satan uses normal obstacles to make you lose focus on God’s plan for your life. It is easy to take control of your life, when you are not focused on God and His will for you.  Control is a false sense of security that causes you to distrust the plan of God. It is a distraction that detours you from your destiny. Let Go!

Control is a “self centered” attitude; it short circuits and rejects God’s ability to work in your life. Refusing to let go control proves you believe your wisdom surpasses God’s wisdom.  Natural wisdom is limited; you cannot trust in your own abilities. Nor can you move ahead of God and expect Him to follow you. Your full potential is stunted when you refuse to surrender to God. Letting go control of your life is about changing your focus. It allows you to refocus your vision from the natural realm to the spirit realm. A “God centered” life shifts your focus to God’s knowledge and abilities. Living a “God centered” life is also a natural expression of your trust in God; it acknowledges Him as the source of your purpose and destiny. Living a “God centered” life is a physical demonstration of your faith in Him. He is the only source of victory, peace, and success. Let go!

Simply put, letting go is an act of worship; your trust in God ushers you into His magnificent, mighty, and matchless presence. Submit all of you—your spouse, children, money, and career— in worship to God. Your submission leads you into a place of peace and power; your thoughts become agreeable to God’s Will, as it is written in Proverbs 16:3. Surrendering to God produces an unlimited life, only achieved through the power of God. Living a “God centered” life sustains your hope in your final outcome and your trust in God. Your trust strengthens your faith and your ability to rest in the All Powerful God. Your ability to hear from God increases. Because your trust, faith, and rest are in Him, you can receive and apply Godly wisdom to your life. The abundant life He intends for you is connected to your ability to hear from Him. Give God your unconditional trust and ultimate control of your life. His promises breathe life into your full potential. Allow God to add His supernatural power to your natural abilities. His word is the only authority in your life. You will live completely victorious, peaceful, and successful; He is the source! God has a plan for your life so wonderful it’s beyond your wildest dreams. It is a perfect, complete plan that glorifies Him and ultimately becomes a testimony of God’s power. Let Go!


Photo provide by Dari Dejesus